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Simon "Joe" Howe

Meet member Joe! For those who don't know, Joe is the life of any class he partakes in. He'll often moan about the movements, music or even just the weather that day, but between all the thorns is the kindest, motivating and comical person to be around.  Despite not taking anything serious, he can sling around some pretty big weights and is a machine on any cardio kit, but at the end of every day he's just here for some "Good old Phys".

Likes - 

  • Long warm ups

  • Dogs

  • Red Wine

Hates - 

  • Running

  • Modern Music


Neil Clarke

Next on our list is founding member Neil! One of our most committed and developed members who is always striving to improve his already impressive CrossFit ability. You wont see him leading yoga classes anytime soon but is working hard on his flexibility with the 'ROMWOD' App. Neil likes to keep himself, to himself; however don't let this fool you as he is nothing short of a great character in our community. 

Likes - 

  • Gadgets

  • Craig Richey 

  • Rowing

Hates - 

  • Running

  • Overhead Squats

  • Jaffa Cakes (What on earth!)


Alex Ridge

Meet member Alex! You'll often see Alex in the later evening classes but without a shadow of doubt you'll see him at the Box everyday putting in the work. Mixing up CrossFit with his regular water polo training, Alex is well on the way to becoming an all-round competitive CrossFit athlete.  Whatever you do, don't take on a bet in the water with this real life Aqua Man!

Likes -

  • Swimming

  • Rock Music 

  • Cats

  • Lifitng Heavy

Hates - 

  • Running in the rain

  • Missing a lift

  • Double Unders


Jayne Clarke

There is no one single individual you will meet that is more inspiring than member Jayne and her passion for CrossFit! You can always rely on Jayne to bring smiles and joy to the class come rain or shine. As one of our founding member's, you will see Jayne most days in the evening classes attacking each workout as it comes.

Likes - 

  • Deadlifts

  • Spending time with her Family

  • Training with Friends

  • Summer

Hates - 

  • Box Jumps

  • Running


Matt Dunford

He might be as a big giant, but at heart he is the softest! Partaking and competing for local Warminster Rugby Club, Matt uses CrossFit for its health benefits, but to also keep his fitness game on point! Being a rugby guy through and through, he sure can move some heavy weights like their feathers. You'll often find Matt barging through the door just as class begins. 

Likes -

  • Rugby 

  • Sports

  • Back Squats

  • Beers with friends

Hates - 

  • His bent finger 

  • Running

  • Any team that isnt Warminster


Laura Fry

Say "Hello" to member Laura! Laura has been with us just short of a year now and to say her performance has come leaps and bounds would been an understatement! You'll often see her in the evening classes and on the odd occasion, throwing it down with the early AM crew. Not only is she one of the few people who likes  the assault bike, but also loves any long cardio WODS. Always arriving with a smile on her face, she definitely adds to the vibes of any class. Although you'll never see her snatching!

Likes -

  • Doggos

  • Henri

  • Chocolate

  • Baileys 

Hates -

  • Snatches

  • Spicy Food


Katie Sanders

Next up we have member Katie! Katie has spent a lot of time within the CrossFit scene and her training shows this! Always working her weaknesses, you'll struggle to find a chink in her armour and if you thought she agile on land, you wait until she's in the pool or at the local lake. With various triathlons under her belt, she can really pull the pin when its time to go hard. You'll more often than not see Katie attending the 6.30PM class and is the only partner you really want and need on an Escape Room experience.

Likes -

  • Eminem 

  • Swimming

  • Cats

Hates -

  • Squats

  • DOMS

  • Alex's mess


Amy / Evie Martin "The Martin Sisters"

Although they probably don't need an introduction, next up we sisters Amy and Evie! With considerably years of experience in CrossFit, neither of these gems are forces to be reckoned with! Always with a smile on their faces and enough positive attitude to light up a small city, you'll often see the pair training in our later evening classes and in particular, throwing it down in our Team Wod classes. 

Likes -

  • Baking, Grime and Lifting. (Amy)

  • Doggos, Travelling and Weddings (Evie)

Hates -

  • Not Alot! (Questionable!)


Jack Hancock

Meet member Jack who has been with us from the very beginning and is overall a superb athlete. You will see Jack at the box training most days a week and on the odd occasion multiple times a day! From as early as the 6:30am class right through to the late PM classes, he will be there! Dedicated to working hard in his professional life, Jack uses CrossFit to blow off some steam and keep mental sharp! 

Likes -

  • Eating

  • Rest Days

  • Running, Rowing, Lifting Heavy Barbells

Hates -

  • Snatches

  • Healthy Food

  • Toes 2 Bar

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